Ear Syringes Update!

June 20, 2023 by admin0


Our practice does not offer ear syringes to patients under 16 years of age under any circumstances! Eligible patients will discuss the procedure with their doctor prior to visiting the nurse for a syringe, and will be required to sign a consent form. Ear syringe appointments will include a $20 additional syringing fee on top of the general consult fee. This $20 fee will NOT have a Medicare rebate, though there will still be a rebate for the consult as per usual. Please contact our friendly receptionists on 3261 7000 to book in an ear syringe appointment if you are interested!

Ear syringing will only be performed, following several days treatment with Ear Clear/Waxsol or some other wax softening agent which can be purchased over the counter from your pharmacist. (Approx 4-5 Days minimum)

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